Voice and Video Calls

Using WebRTC for video and voice calls

What you need

A modern machine with camera and mic. Expensive old Windows machines are not so good, and tricky to configure. Cheap new Chromebooks (less than US$200) work perfectly. Macs work out of the box.

The latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Safari and Edge may work soon in the future - but FaceTime (owned by Apple) and Skype (owned by Microsoft) may be business reasons why things are delayed.

Newer Android mobile phones and tablets (some less than US$50) will also work.

Test your device for compatibility

Use this online device compatibility verification tool to determine if your machine and browser combination is ready for video conference. Everything should pass except for IPv6 support.

Multi-users video / voice calls

This is a completely experimental implementation that stretches what web-rtc offers. Use at your own risk.